Spooky scenery

This weekend I was supposed to go to Gothenburg and visit my family, I’ve been kind of missing them lately. However, instead I’m staying at a camp and we have open-air lectures here!.. I brought Greger and everything.
This is what the scenery looks like. A little spooky in this foggy weather.

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4 Responses to Spooky scenery

  1. Cinz says:

    Looks lovely to me! Reminds me of of the days when i was in Denmark:) I miss Europe!!! Hope your day is not gloomy or foggy tho ,lol


  2. Lisa says:

    Beautiful pictures, wonderful scenery. Especially the first two photos, I love them!
    It’s so great that you can take Greger with you to class, albeit open-air ones=)

  3. Styleabaad says:

    The landscape is so beautiful though… loving the second pic especially! Sounds interesting with lectures in the outdoors!

  4. Åh! Älskar bilderna!
    Jag är också svensk men bloggar på engelska, kul att det är fler än jag!!

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