Snow is not for everyone

fur jacket lanvin for h&m italian greyhound swedish love affairNow that it’s really cold outside Greger prefers to stay home. Every time he sees me or Hannes putting on our jackets he runs and hides in the bed under the blankets or under the couch. He’s just so afraid we’ll make him go out in the snow! Of course, every now and then we take him out anyway, and he knows immediately what he has to do. He does all his things really quickly and then he runs up the stairs and waits by the door, shaking.

My mum is working on a small coat for Greger. And I’m considering buying a pair of small doggy shoes for him, do you think that would look stupid?fur coat lanvin h&m swedish love affair jacket

I’m wearing my Lanvin for H&M fur jacket!

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16 Responses to Snow is not for everyone

  1. Layla says:

    Jag och Greger har det gemensamt xD
    Och även om det skulle se löjligt ut (vilket jag inte tror) så är det ju en fördel att han inte fryser ^^

  2. Cee says:

    I love that coat, Antonia! So beautiful- and warm :) I think poor Greger might need a dog sweater and shoes… he looks so cold in these pictures!

  3. Manderz says:

    My dogs have boots and sweaters to wear in the snow and cold. They look so adorable (in my opinion) although my dogs always give me looks of embarrassment. But they can stay outside a lot longer this way.

  4. lamia says:

    Not at all!! greger deserves his pai of shoes two!! he’s so cuuute!!
    thanks sweety for your comment, There is more food pictures coming soon.
    N.B: the names of the dishes are seabream and fruit flan


  5. Marta Moslw says:

    OMG!!! You got it!! Congrats!! I think it’s my favourite item of the whole colaboration!! Good purchase!! You look great!! Thanks for your comment about my jewelry!!

  6. cupcake says:

    We have a namsie pamsie dog too and I did by dog boots that fell off half way down the street. I tried everything and those things wouldn’t stay on.

    • Antonia says:

      I figured that that was going to be a problem. I guess I’ll just have to bring Greger to the store and have him try everything out before purchase, to see that it fits and doesn’t fall off=)
      (do the let dogs try on the clothes..?)

  7. Laura C. says:

    As long as its not a silly doggy costume (i dont like it when people dress up doggies as OTHER animals, like butterflies and reindeer)….But greger should be warm and cozy, so go for it! :-)

    • Antonia says:

      I know what you mean! I saw on a web store that Santa costumes for dogs seem quite popular these days! So humiliating for the dog, not to mention its owner=)

  8. Fashionelli says:

    Despite the fact that my dog has beautiful fur, he owns some pieces of clothing too – for every season – rain, wind or snow.

    I would definitely recommend to buy Greger a jacket….he is so naked:-)

    Once I saw a real naked dog in a down jacket….so funny….covered chest, but naked bottom part…. it would be better for this dog to wear trousers:-)))

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