Small world

Many of the readers are wondering if people I know in real life read my blog. The answer is yes. My family knows about my blog, and so do my closest friends. Although I haven’t shared the link to Swedish Love Affair on social networks, I see that many of the visitors come here daily through links on Facebook, Twitter etc. Which I find interesting and fascinating. And, yeah, the world is pretty small, so some people have found out without me telling them!

Just so you know, it looks like it’s sunny, but it’s actually unbearably cold here again.

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6 Responses to Small world

  1. patricia says:

    The fact that you manage to look chic no matter the weather is a fete in itself! :)

  2. kajsa says:

    vilka härliga bilder! de gör att jag längtar till våren och solen!

  3. cupcake says:

    Yes, funny when you see Facebook links. I always wonder who that is. Antonia, try -20 (yesterday), you don’t know cold.

  4. jill says:

    The cold really doesn’t show, you look amazing! Love your sunglasses, and that scarf is to die for!
    I found your blog while googleing for something else, I think it was Chanel Paradoxal. I found your post on it, and thought it was so brilliant, that I’ve since then visited your site every day=)
    keep it real, girl!

  5. Susie says:

    My family reads mine too (although not my dad because it’s too “girlie” for him). I can always tell when my mom reads it because she searches for it first on AOL. So funny! I think my supervisor might read it sometimes too, which is a little frightening, but I try not to think about it! Swedish Love Affair is on FB right? Did you make that? Because I am a fan anyway :) )

  6. Do you have twitter now? Or you mean twitter of others? That’d be lovely if you had ;)

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