Slow and wonderful morning

This is basically how I usually feel in the morning on a day off

After a hectic week I’m taking it pretty slow this Saturday morning. I’m having the apartment to myself until tonight, when I’ll be going out with Hannes and some friends. Until then I’m planning to relax with this week’s issue of The Economist, and maybe do some more macramé.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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7 Responses to Slow and wonderful morning

  1. Anna says:

    Enjoy yours too! You’ve earned it :)
    Hi Greger!

  2. Laura says:

    I havent gone to bed yet (still Friday here! :) ) but we’ve decided to get up early and walk around the neighborhood while its still quiet…have breakfast at a nearby bakery then go back to sleep! :)

    Have a happy weekend!

  3. Lee Oliveira says:

    This is so cute. Nothing like relaxing with your best friend (your Dog) on the weekend.


  4. Wesley says:

    Just found your website and I’m a fan! Mr. Greger is a handsome silver boy!

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