Hannes and I are celebrating our anniversary today, 6 years! Well, it’s safe to say that our relationship has been going forward all the time. And also, today is Mother’s Day in Sweden, and it’s the first time I’m celebrating it as a mother, not just as a daughter.

One of the things we did to celebrate this day was going to the shore, as we thought that the sea air would do all of us good. Greger was absolutely thrilled, running around like a crazy dog in the sand (he only looks this miserable for the camera)! Johannes appreciated it too, which he showed by falling asleep after five minutes spent by the sea. And when it comes to me, it was an odd feeling being back there, since the last time I was there these photos had been taken. And so much has changed since then!

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3 Responses to Shore

  1. Nina says:

    Happy anniversary and happy Mother’s Day! It’s nice to have them both on the same day =)

  2. LeahSephira says:

    ooh grattis! I hope you had a wonderful evening too 😀

  3. Polina says:

    Greger is like your second child! Haha! I love the last pic of you holding him!

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