Shopping for next Christmas

christmas balls ornaments baubles swedish love affair owls
I almost don’t have any Christmas ornaments in my own apartment, since I’ve always spent Christmas at my parents’ place. Next year, however, I plan on changing this tradition and decorate my apartment in classic Christmas-fashion so that my son gets introduced to it at an early age.

Now that Christmas is over, there is hardly any demand for Christmas ornaments, so they’re all heavily discounted. I’m taking advantage of this situation to shop for pretty things for next year. This is a good deal both for me and for the environment, since much of these items would either have been thrown away or reshipped and repackaged for low-cost stores. I know people who usually buys their Christmas cards this way, but this is the first time I actually got around to test this strategy.

christmas balls ornaments baubles swedish love affair poodles
christmas balls ornaments baubles swedish love affair peacock

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3 Responses to Shopping for next Christmas

  1. Annelien says:

    I love the ornaments in this post! Especially the dog haha. I’ve been collecting christmas ornaments for quite some time now since I love them so much and I want to be able to have a big and pretty tree myself when I have my own place. Usually I go hunting the days after christmas aswell haha. I bought myself a christmas ornament from Starbucks yesterday. I really wanted this one because this is the year I finally started drinking coffe haha.

  2. Nina says:

    That strategy is also good when shopping for seasonal clothes and make-up collections ^^ The owls are lovely!

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