Shopping brunch and quick food in Budapest

shopping brunch in budapest coffee tea swedish love affairIf you’re in Budapest and feel like having a brunch picnic or a quick meal, you just have to look for the closest metro station. There are several chain stores offering a wide variety of sweet and savory pastries, with contents ranging from delicious apricot jam to traditional Hungarian sausages. My favorite metro coffee bar was called Princess.
Ordering is simple enough, even though they don’t have any menu in English. You just point to whatever pastry you fancy. If you want coffee, Hannes favorite kind was Hosszú kávé, similar to caffè americano. If you feel like a cup of tea, make sure they understand that you want hot tea specifically, or they’ll give you ice tea.

quick brunch food in budapest metro swedish love affair

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  1. Heba says:

    that looks so delicious
    btw why don’t you make a new video? I really miss your videos

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