Shoe shopping

blue sweaterToday I’ve been to my favorite shoe store in town, which had two surprises for me, a good one and a bad. The bad one was that the store, unfortunately, is closing down. This made me a little sad, because I know the owner and buy shoes from his store all the time. The good part was that he had 85% sale on everything in his store, and I was the first one there! I didn’t plan to shop for shoes today, but of course I had to get some pairs. And I’m not even that crazy about sales!

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3 Responses to Shoe shopping

  1. Leanne says:

    Lucky you! I’m a size 38 and always when I get to a sale, the 38s are all gone. If there are any ones left, you can bet that they are incredibly loud or ugly in some other way.
    Pity your favorite shoe shop is closing though. Hope they open an even better store instead!

  2. Marthe says:

    Lucky you, it’s always nice when it’s a sale and there are a lot of nice stuff left! But of course sad that the shop is closing down :(

  3. Cee says:

    It’s a shame your favourite store is closing, but it’s nice to come upon a surprise sale every once in a while. I’m not a big sale shopper, either; I worked in retail for a long time and it made me really loathe the crowds at sale time. But I have to admit that this year I’ve found some wondreful things at the sales… and 85% off your favourite store sounds like a dream :)

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