Second-handed and second-handing

There’s a big second-hand market close to where my family lives in Gothenburg, and whenever I’m here I like to visit it. It was one of the things I did yesterday. I like looking for pretty and interesting things like rare china, good books and vintage jewelry. This time I also contributed with some clothes and shoes I’ve gotten tired of.
The ladies who work there do it for free, and all the profits go to good causes. They also run a café that serves breakfast on odd china and they make the best carrot cake I’ve ever had.

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2 Responses to Second-handed and second-handing

  1. Karen says:

    Sounds exactly like the kind of place I would love.

  2. Ilona says:

    I love vinage jewelry too. I think beside the unusual shapes and colors, those pieces carry a deep meaning too. On a sad note but kind of related to your post, my grandma has passed away recently and left us with a few of her personal things, and every time i cling to them I feel her presence here around me; for me she is still breathing, smiling and caressing me….

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