School prom

I was asked to photograph a part of a school prom today. It was a lot of fun actually, but I got a little nostalgic, too. Well, even so. These boys and girls looked way less confident and grown up than I thought I was back then. I felt like I owned the world on my prom night! Have you seen the photos of me and Victor on our school prom? Here, look.

Were you excited to go to your prom? I was very enthusiastic about mine and I wasn’t disappointed at all!

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16 Responses to School prom

  1. Julia says:

    I had a blast at my prom! There were two boys I liked who both wanted to be my date, and for the longest time I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to go with. In the end, we decided to go together, all three of us, as a couple :)

  2. renata says:

    I can hardly stand to look at photos from my prom, it seems sooo long ago and I seem like a completely different person! Its so crazy how you feel like you know everything and have done everything at that age, right!! ps- loved you prom photo!

    Following your loving blog, please check mine out and follow if you like, and enter my watch giveaway!!


    • Antonia says:

      Thank you, Renata! I felt both grown-up and a little lost at the same time. The school years were over and now I had to come up with something new to do, and move out to the university. To me, that’s what a school prom symbolizes and means.

  3. WanderLust says:

    Love the hair shot!! Great blog :) follow you!

  4. gala says:

    these are lovely shots! i like # 2 especially. funny you said that, i think it’s always that way when you look at younger people and think you were way more mature than them! i always do at least, hehe x

  5. Дарья says:

    Так красиво когда все девушки в длинных платьях, а юноши в костюмах! У нас же могут вырядиться как на карнавал. Нравится прическа у блондинки на последнем фото.
    К школьному выпускному я начала готовится месяца за два! А на университетский решила не ходить, только на вручение дипломов..

    • Antonia says:

      Мне именно школьный бал кажется важным, прямо жизненно важным:) Это ведь такой символ пройденного этапа! А студенческие балы у нас проходят постоянно, чуть ли ни каждые полгода, и ничего особенного в них нет.
      Молодые люди в костюмах сразу хорошеют, порой их бывает не узнать!

  6. Nina says:

    Actually, I haven´t had my prom yet and won´t have one for a long time ;)

    Your pictures look great. The girls hair on the last photo looks amazing :)

    • Antonia says:

      Oh, than you have so much fun and planning in front of you, Nina! I’m kind of jealous on you, actually:) How long do you have to wait?))

  7. Rucha says:

    I’m having my prom next year, and I am excited!!

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