Savouring the moment

Greger would love to hunt his own food, but unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get the chance. He chases bunnies and cats every now and then, but it just doesn’t give him complete satisfaction.
Greger takes out his frustration on a poor stuffed up elephant. He bites it, tears it open and rips all the stuffing out of it. Then he triumphantly lies down over his victim, savouring the moment.

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3 Responses to Savouring the moment

  1. kathie says:

    What kind of dog is he? My West Highland Terrier used to do that. She has passed. Now my male Yorkie mutt mix does that. My Golden Retriever was such a lady and treated her stuffed animals like they were her babies.

  2. Patricia says:

    Ahh, Greger! Seems he, like most small dogs, suffers from delusions of grandeur! ;) Too cute!

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