Saint Germain by MAC: Quite cute or pornstar?

Saint Germain lipstick by MAC swedish love affair

Saint Germain lipstick by MAC

I bought this MAC lipstick yesterday, it’s called Saint Germain and it comes from their Quite Cute collection. It’s limited edition, but it gets repromoted every now and then because it’s a very beloved shade. Saint Germain is a crazy white based bluish pink, the most unnatural color you can imagine! I’m dying to post a swatch of it on myself, so that you can tell me if it actually is quite cute or if it’s a classic pornstar shade!

Saint Germain lipstick by MAC swedish love affair

I also bought two new glosses from H&M to try out

mascara Wig Wham by Isadora swedish love affair

And a fun looking mascara! Wig Wham by Isadora. The brush is huuuge.

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8 Responses to Saint Germain by MAC: Quite cute or pornstar?

  1. Susie says:

    Hehe…loved the title of this post! I am going to say “classic pornstar” BUT on you it will be quite cute, as long as you keep dressing the same classy, fabulous way you always do. No pleather, Antonia! hehe

  2. Liz says:

    I think it will look great on you! Looking forward to the swatch:)

  3. elle marie says:

    It’s always cute because you’re not a porn-star, not that I’m judging, just not a profession I would choose, but OMG, we should do a make-up trade sometime!!! I can send you something new from Japan! That would be fun! Right?

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  5. Nesta says:

    I’m actually considering buying that pink lipstick from MAC. I think that I’ll use it a lot this summer !!


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