Russian breakfast

Here’s what we had for breakfast today: Russian pancakes with caviar and champagne. This is typically Russian, yet a little bit special since we’re celebrating mum’s birthday.

The guests will be here later tonight, and right now I’m busy baking a birthday cake:)

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  1. Arantxa says:

    Simply delicious … I love the caviar! Hope you enjoyed your fantastic breakfast. And I also hope that your mother spend a happy birthday.

    Many kisses.

    PS: On the news of my country have left a terrible images of Swedish climate. I hope all is well, here never saw anything like it.

  2. Arantxa says:

    The moment I saw the news I thought and said aloud, “Oh, Antonia,” and my mother asked, “Who is Antonia?”. I have explained, but I do not know if she really understood me, she and the internet are completely incompatible:)

  3. Ilona Opengeim-Cherkas says:

    Yam-yam! When I was a small child living in Belarus, in Minsk, we used to have a black caviar on every wedding. This used to be my favourite dish! So, caviar always brings on nostalgic memories from almost a mythic past, now that I’m looking at it…

  4. Nina says:

    I hope you are all well Antonia, and I hope that hurricane goes away quickly and without harm! As for your mother’s birthday, I wish her a happy birthday =) This breakfast looks really delicious, you always give me unique ideas about food. I wonder if you can share the recipe of Russian pancakes? =)

  5. alexandra says:

    interesting breakfast Antonia!!!I wish your mother happy birthday!

  6. Araceli Estrada says:

    Happy Birthday to your mom Antonia. I hope that you are all well and unaffected by the massive storm. Be safe my friend.

  7. Polina says:

    my mother used to love pancakes with cavier! typical russian woman!

  8. Kath says:

    I’m not a pancake fan but that looks delish! How did you get that color?

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