Roxanne, Roxanne…

Have you met this beautiful Roxanne by Mulberry? It belongs to my mum, but it makes me jealous every single time she carries it! As you know, I have one in brown, but hers is mint green and limited edition (and they’re not even making these anymore!). Roxanne is quite rare now, even though this used to be Mulberry’s most popular bag model.
Sometimes I’m lucky and mum lets me borrow it!

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6 Responses to Roxanne, Roxanne…

  1. jill says:

    Wow.. I love the colour!
    You guys have such great taste. And handbags :)

  2. Paula says:

    She (Roxanne) is gorgeous! I don’t see why they stopped making these, but it only makes the existing ones even more desirable!

  3. Madeleine says:

    Beautiful colour. I am into mint green atm, so I love it. Your mum is so lucky (and you who get to borrow it).

  4. It’s lovely. Super jealous of your mom and you for getting to borrow it :)

  5. Kajsa says:

    verkligen fantastisk väska!

  6. Styleabaad says:

    It’s absolutely gorgeous! I was just browsing the Mulberry web shop actually, their bags are the best :)

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