Rings of silver and plastic

I should really be studying right now, but instead I’m trying to invent a good storage solution for my jewelry. I used to have all of my rings up on a small Eiffel tower, but lately the amount of jewelry (and so called costume jewelry) I have has quadrupled, so I really need keep it in better order.

Also, I’ve noticed that if don’t see it in front of my eyes when I’m dressing, then I don’t ever wear it! The same goes for shoes and clothes.

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3 Responses to Rings of silver and plastic

  1. Natasa says:

    This looks nice, but, if you want to wear on of the rings say in the middle, you have to pull all others off the scarf to get to the one you want, dont’t you?
    Just wondering, I also want to organize my jewell collection better, there you’re right, if it’s not in front of me I never wear it!

  2. Nicki says:

    I don’t know how eggs are sold in Sweden, but I cut the cartons in half and use the “egg” side to hold jewelry. Each “egg” is perfect for a brooch, necklace, or perhaps two or three pairs of earrings and/or rings of a similar size and color. Very easy to spot in a shallow drawer!

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