Return to sender

Lately I’ve been getting emails from you almost daily. As you’ve noticed, I try to answer them as fast as I can. Unfortunately, some of them somehow end up in the spam folder! I don’t know why that happens, and I often forget to check my spam, but I did today and I can see that quite a few really nice messages got stuck there. Thank you so much, girls! I will definitely respond today or tomorrow.

By the way, the latest video (the one that Hannes made for me) is now the most viewed and appreciated video since the birth of Swedish Love Affair! And it hasn’t even been out that long. This makes me so glad and proud!

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3 Responses to Return to sender

  1. Ivory says:

    Did you have fun at your New Zealand themed party? I from Australia which is right next door, so it’s very funny for you to have a NZ themed party all the way in Sweden! What was the theme?

  2. Johanna says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised, I must have seen that video 20 times already! I love it. Gonna watch it again now. Probably more than once :)

  3. jill says:

    I’ve had my fair share of problems with an over-sensitive spam filter, with friends and colleagues assuming I was actively ignoring them when I didn’t answer several e-mails. I’ve disabled it completely now to avoid further misunderstandings, but now I have to manually delete a bunch of messages regarding me winning the lottery, great sex pills and great business proposals from the Ivory Coast.

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