Quick birthday update

Right now I just want to make a quick update and say Happy Birthday to Leia of Leia’s Delights! It’s her birthday today, and as far as I know she’s in London now and she’s been spending time with other awesome bloggers, like Susie and Sherin! I’m really jealous on them, to be honest.

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2 Responses to Quick birthday update

  1. Leia says:

    How kind of you to write this post, Antonia! If it were possible to smile from head to toe, I would be doing that right now! I really wish you were here to join in on all the blogging fun. It’s not the same without you! Big hugs and kisses to you, my gorgeous, lovely friend. xoxo

  2. Sherin says:

    A huge happy Birthday to Leia from me as well. She’s fabulous and spending time with her is great!

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