Princess with a plastic crown

Just wanted to share an old photo of myself! It’s about two years old, taken at an event where everyone had to dress up as princesses and princes.

Btw, there is still some time left to vote for me.

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6 Responses to Princess with a plastic crown

  1. L I L I J A says:

    Grattis, du vann veckans blogg :D
    Så kronan på bilden ovan passar ju utmärkt just nu ;)

  2. Clare Brown says:

    GORGEOUS!! You are a princess :)

  3. zukimia says:

    I love this photo!:) I always loved masquerade, it’s such a great idea and so fun!
    Btw, thank you visiting my blog:)

  4. Shin says:

    That is so cute and sweet! I love theme parties :-) xxoxoxo

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