Preparing for the summer

Some new stuff I bought recently:

- Scull t-shirt, Reunion
- Floral shorts, H&M
- Pink leopard socks (they were 50% off)
- Almost powder, Clinique
- Cleansing milk, Clarins
- Foot lotion

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8 Responses to Preparing for the summer

  1. Carlijn says:

    Lovely stuff! Great blog, xoxo

  2. emma says:

    är cleansing milken från clarins bra?

  3. Oh….love these pictures. There is something so beautiful about laying out newly purchased things. xo following you! follow me too!

  4. Vivalaqbee03 says:

    love the floral print shorts!

    Visit and Live Your Fashion @ Viva La Qbee03

  5. looks like you’re well prepared to take on the sun.

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