Preparing for Paris

In just a few days I’m leaving Sweden for Paris! I’m really excited, and tomorrow I’m going to start packing my bags. Even though the weather there is supposed to be better than here, it’ll still be quite cold.

I’m hoping to get some early Christmas shopping done, and maybe some early Christmas gifts for myself, as well.
Apart from that, I will be visiting all the classic sights, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arch of Triumph. Of course, I’ve been to see these before, but Hannes has never been to Paris, and I’m more than happy to experience them once more.

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  1. Хорошей поездки! Надеюсь, Ханнесу понравится Париж. Мне кажется, первая поездка туда это всегда так волнительно, впрочем, возможно, это потому, что Париж – один из моих любимых городов. :)

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