Poker party

Tonight I’m at a poker party again, so far so good! You have to play poker regularly to keep and develop your skills. Of course, I’m not a pro (I have two friends who are), but I’m pretty good for an amateur and I have a good intuition.

Hope you all are having a great Saturday night!

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2 Responses to Poker party

  1. Nina says:

    Oh my fiancé loves poker but I don’t. I mean, I like the cards very much but not any play involving them, I know it’s weird =) Have a great party!

  2. Patricia says:

    I can’t say that I’ve ever actually played poker, much less that I even know how to, so kudos to you, Antonia! :) I think the only card game that I’m somewhat familiar with is Blackjack, but even then, I wouldn’t put money on me! LoL! I admire those that have a knack for card games! :D

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