Planning for summer 2012

In June I’m going to a wedding on an island north of Gothenburg. I recently found the dress I’m going to wear, and I will show it to you later on.
On June 5th, it’s my stepdad’s birthday. I still need to find him a present, but it’ll be difficult to match last year’s, when he got tickets to see Metallica live in Gothenburg.


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  1. Ilona says:

    Hi Antonia! Lovely photos! I love your black shades, they look gorgeou. I just recently bought similar ones from Dior. 🙂

  2. Ilona says:

    Oh, thank you Antonia! We do have summer here–we’ve had two lovely days with up to 30 degrees. Today is a bit colder, only 23 degrees, but still it’s very sunny outside. I had only a pair of my beloved Gucci before, but they’re goldeny aviators that match only certain outfits. So, I had been in a need for a black pair of oversized shades and i found a gorgeous one from Dior, I also like the ones Pippa Middleton wears, i think they’re from Chanel…

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