Pink obsession

I’ve been so into pink lately! Whenever I see something pink, I just have to have it. And I only paint my nails pink! I wonder what the name of this disease is.

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10 Responses to Pink obsession

  1. Ilona Opengeim-Cherkas says:

    haha, i like this pink pencil…pretty rare actually and hard to find at the stores these days…this desease is called pink-o-mania..:)

  2. Nina says:

    Well, pink is my favorite color and even my laptop is pink, so.. =)

  3. Какое всё розовое, милое, девочковое!)) Прелесть!)

  4. jill says:

    Seeing these pretty little things, I can totally understand you! :)

  5. Librafleur says:

    Lol, I think i got the same disease ;o)



  6. Meredith says:

    Pink is the color of health in the science of colors. It is also fresh, natural, and flattering to most skin colors so……..indulge! Pink makes me feel happy and calm.

  7. It’s called pinkomania, I’ve got it too!

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