Pilgrim, Danish design

When I buy costume jewelry the majority of times it’s by the Danish Pilgrim. This brand is extremely popular in Scandinavia and influences many other similar brands! I love it because they have many unusual designs of high quality.

This time I bought an Aries charm and a bracelet to add to my collection. And I also bought a new box! It’s like I can never have too many of them.

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5 Responses to Pilgrim, Danish design

  1. your mum says:

    I also have one piece of the Danish Pilgrim for you.

  2. Mimmi says:

    After seeing this post, I’ve googled this brand and now I want everything from their collection! You are so lucky to live where they sell Pilgrim :) I still haven’t checked on eBay, maybe they have it there…

  3. Andrea says:

    really really pretty things! I love the box with the butterflies, and especially the Aires charm :)

  4. Cinz says:

    My cousin bought me a lovely pink floral braclet from Pilgrim for my birthday once too. I love it! But i remember that they are kinda on the expensive side.

    What do you mean by costume jewelry?


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