Photogenic couple

Can you spot Greger here?

I know you’re probably tired of this kind of pictures by now (eh, at least tired of the same outfit), but I promise you that this is the last portion of them! The thing is that I have hundreds of them, and I love them all. In my opinion me and Greger make a very photogenic couple=)

Anyway, all this time I’ve been wearing a coat from H&M (I’ve always loved this kind of mid-season coats!), my favorite floral skirt made by my mum (isn’t it absolutely perfect? I really like the print, too) and my trustworthy bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs). Although, it’s getting kind of worn so think I might be needing a new one soon;)

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3 Responses to Photogenic couple

  1. jill says:

    I love that bag! It still looks fantastic, I think a bit of wear can actually make a high quality bag like that look even better than brand new
    And yes, I did spot Greger :)

  2. Lovely outfit, and I especially love the deep shade of your bag! Hahah, love how your dog totally blends into the ground! xx

  3. daria says:

    I love the colors! gray looks excellent with anything! greger should know ;) )

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