Personal observations in Paris: French women vs Swedish women

A little French girl at Galeries Lafayette

French women

- wear elegant black wool coats even when the temperature is far below zero. In Sweden warm sporty jackets are certainly more popular in winter.

- wear fur, a lot. Like fur jackets or fur elements in their outfits. In Sweden you will hardly see anyone wear fur, unless it’s fake.

- wear high heels in broad daylight. Walking in parks, shopping, taking the subway… In Sweden, heels are generally saved for the Saturday night and festive occasions.

- despite the traditional image, they don’t wear red lipstick in their daily looks. However, you will see a lot of tourist girls wearing “the French look”: all in black, accesorized with a hat and accompanied with a red lipstick and black eyeliner.

- smoke! I’ve seen so many French girls smoke on the streets, in cafés and sometimes even indoors! Overall, smoking seems a lot more popular in France than here. In Sweden you will hardly see anyone with a cigarette if you take a stroll downtown on a regular day, and personally I don’t have a single smoker among my friends.

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18 Responses to Personal observations in Paris: French women vs Swedish women

  1. Perlina says:

    ah ha ha very nice observation. And so true. In Paris is more important to be dressed with style than to be warm during winter. Sometimes is freezing and i see women who are dressed with short skirt, high heels and i ask to myself “maybe it’s going to be sunny ??!” but no, it’s freezing but they just want to be “A la mode” )))

  2. raffaella says:

    Anche in Italia moltissime donne, signore, ragazze ecc. fumano per strada e io ho un sacco di amici e colleghi fumatori! Molto carina la foto della bambina. Ciao!

  3. locke says:

    I like the Swedish version more:)

  4. Nina says:

    Except the little fake fur detailing on the hood of my coat (I hope they wear fake ones, too), I’m not much like them, I guess =) I smoke occasionally, though.

  5. Ainslie Brown says:

    I am happy to hear that Swedish women seldom wear fur, but a little shocked that it’s so popular with French women. No decent American woman has worn fur in 20 years (though I’m sorry to say some still do).

  6. beata says:

    your blog is amazing, and I love your header!

  7. Vera V. says:

    Most of the features enlisted are similar to those in Russia (Moscow): cold clothes, fur, high heels and smoking!! BTW I like the Swedish version more too!

  8. Vera V. says:

    (( I wrote a lot and it disappeared( the point is that non-smoking version is definitely better, it’s very unpleasant when almost everyone smokes as they do in Russia.

  9. Ines says:

    I’m a french girl, I live near Paris but I’m not like that… I prefer to be dressed warm than being “à la mode”, I really don’t understand french minds sometimes… By the way… I prefer the swedish version.

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