Peaceful by the seashore

Yesterday we went to the seaside in Malmö, to shoot this video. Spring has finally arrived to Sweden, so it was really nice to make the video outdoors. It was Hannes who suggested the location, he said that on a Sunday there would be no people around, and we could shoot the video in peace. However, as you can see in the movie, we definitely were not alone. I had quite a big audience of curious people watching me do my monologue, but I didn’t mind. They were all standing in front of me, behind the camera, and giving their advice – that’s partly why I’m laughing so much!

This is what I wore:
Skirt – Asos, top (it’s a body) – Sisley, leather jacket – Acne, shoes – Ecco. Necklace – present from Leia, it’s my favorite right now!

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10 Responses to Peaceful by the seashore

  1. Vilken gullig outfit :D . Rosetten speciellt ar fin. Du passar fint i lila.

  2. Sascha says:

    Love your outfit!!

  3. Leia says:

    I really loved seeing the seaside in your video, although I saw the other people around and I was wondering if they were watching you! I would have been a bit self-conscious but it didn’t seem like you were bothered by it at all, you seemed so confident. Also I noticed the starry top and bow skirt in your video and love them both! And those rings are just TOO pretty :)

  4. Love that skirt! It reminds me of my wedding dress. Except it was neither purple nor that short ;)

  5. Susie says:

    You look so pretty! I love this outfit and the necklace is sooo cute! Ok, off to watch the video now. xx

  6. kerington says:

    love your rings so much ..are they gold or fake accessories?

  7. Caroline says:

    Hej Antonia! Jag har taggat dig i min beauty tag, kika in så får du se frågorna! vore kul om du svarade!


  8. kajsa says:

    vilken underbar färg på kjolen! så himla vårhärlig!

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