Parisian baguette: how to carry it and eat it

Everyone knows how the French feel about their baguettes. They can’t live without this long bread! I did my best to document every Parisian carrying or eating a baguette during my stay there.

It’s well-known that the French are a very amorous nation. No wonder there is speculation that the shape of baguette is a phallus symbol.

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23 Responses to Parisian baguette: how to carry it and eat it

  1. Leia says:

    So many baguettes! You are making me hungry now! Is the man in the last photo hiding from your camera?! Haha.

    Also, was this your first time in Paris?

  2. Tessan says:

    Hahah the last one is clearly the greatest one of the bunch!

  3. Karen says:

    You totally made me hungry too. And the French do have the best baguettes, don’t know why. (and your reference to phallus symbol just made my last sentence unintentionally dirty… hahaha)

  4. Styleabaad says:

    Loving this collage of baguette photos! Lovely! My husband is from the north of Spain (actually only a 10 min drive to France) and they’re just as crazy there about their “pan” (bread) as the French. Gotto have it fresh every day! I used to go crazy when he would throw away bread at home only because it was a day or two old!

  5. Cee says:

    It’s true, fresh bread is such an important part of French culture! The bakery in our neighbourhood has a line-up every morning, and especially on Saturday, when the bakery will be closing the next day :) But the bread is so delicious, I can’t blame them, really… And they make amazing butter, too.

  6. Aaaw, den sista bilden är lite ledsam och gullig på samma gång.

    Nu vill jag ha en bagett också :D .

    Hoppas din resa i Paris är trevlig. Jag har aldrig åkt dit själv men skulle jätte gärna vilja åka.

  7. Manderz says:

    That’s a lot of baguettes. I hope I can head to France one day to try it for myself.

  8. Rucha says:

    I love baguettes and all things bread!! And the Parisians don’t seem as stylish as everyone makes them out to be…most are wearing jeans. Hmm…

  9. Winnie says:

    Oh I love a fresh baguette! Love all your snaps, I need to visit Paris again one day, it’s such a lovely city!

  10. elle marie says:

    haha looks like the older fellow is hiding is the last picture.

  11. hahaha, this is hilariously brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed the bread documentation

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  15. Beth Jones says:

    I love how the French let dogs into the cafes. I wish the USofA would loosen up and allow the same thing. I live in CO which is a great state for animals but unless the dogs are service dogs then they can only go into Home Depot etc.

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