The lightness of being

Today I want to show you Titus’ new style! You can hardly recognize him now, right?

My mum got all the necessary equipment for grooming a poodle for Christmas, so one of these days she decided to try it on Titus. And voilà, here’s his new haircut! He got rid of so much fur (I kind of wish there was some use for it, though!).

He didn’t enjoy the process much, but he’s absolutely loving the result!


Baby and poodle

baby poodle

Baby and poodle

Here’s a recent photo of Johannes and Titus. They are so great together, aren’t they?


Croissants rolled in a can (Danerolles)

Croissants rolled in a can (Danerolles)

Croissants rolled in a can (Danerolles)

This is probably my favorite product right now. Six croissants rolled in a can, and all you need is to bake them! And they turn out great. These days we start every Saturday with fresh croissants, so delicious and easy.


Holiday spirit

Christmas is here in just 12 days! What, less than two weeks?! Where did the time go? And I still haven’t bought (or decided on…) a single Christmas present.

However, this is the first Christmas when Hannes and I have decorated our apartment for the holidays. We’ve even put up a Christmas tree with ornaments on it and everything.

Becoming a parent means that you get to experience a lot of things for the first time. This Christmas is not only Johannes’ first, it’s also our first Christmas with Johannes!

So far, he loves it! All the lights, the ornaments, the tree, the snow! Several times a day we take a “guided tour” of the apartment and look at every single detail of the decorations. What a blessing to be this new and fascinated!



Poodle grooming

The most spectacular thing about Titus is his enormous fur. It’s very thick, yet fine and light. It looks and feels amazing, giving him a very fashionable appearance. When he moves, the fur floats around him like some sort of smoke halo. People literally stop and stare on the street! Some take photos of Titus.

The thing with the fur is that it needs brushing and combing, preferably on a daily basis. My mum loves doing it, and Titus loves to be combed by her. The whole process can take up to an hour! Some day I will show you all his brushes and combs.

When it comes to me, however, I’m spoiled by years with just Greger. No brushing needed there, obviously (both Greger and I are very happy about it!).
Unfortunately for me and Titus, my mum has spent the last couple of weeks on the Canary Islands, so I was the one in charge for all the dog grooming. And that’s when things went awry. I think I may have skipped a couple of days of combing the fur, and now it’s all tangles and mats! I’m afraid we may have to shave him now. Just when Titus was about to enter another dog show (which he has a good chance of winning! He is a very fine dog like that.)!

Titus and Greger, poodle and greyhound

Titus and Greger, poodle and greyhound

Greger laughs when he hears all this.


First snow

Yesterday our part of Sweden was hit by a huge storm. We stayed in all day and when we woke up the morning after everything was white and peaceful. First snow for this winter, beautiful.

First snow for Johannes, too. Of course, it was really cold and snowy when he was born in February, but he couldn’t really see any of it at all. This time around he’s really excited and happily tries to eat some snow whenever he gets the chance.

By the way, he’s turning 10 months today! He crawls really fast, talks a lot, laughs at the dogs, claps his hands when he hears music and says “da!” to everything!


Baby I love your way

Since Johannes came into my life, many songs have taken new meaning for me. I mean, ‘baby’ has to be one of the most commonly used words in pop! Two favorites of mine are Baby I love your way by Big Mountain and Tell me baby by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Maybe I’m obsessed these days, but it seems to me that every other song on the radio has the word ‘baby’ in it at least once.

This is Johannes today, nine and a half months old. Standing there casually, just like that. He’s wearing a pair of organic shoes from Kavat (Kavat is probably the best Swedish shoe brand for kids) and a cashmere one-piece I bought in Paris when I was expecting him.