Package with presents

This morning I received a package from mum full with presents! I was so happy to get it! First, there was a knitted case for my new phone. Of course, she has knitted it herself, and it fits very well.
Then there was a cherry necklace, which she bought in Rome. She realized it was bordering on kitsch, but she thought I could use it anyway!
In addition to these things there also was another present, but it was so big and beautiful that it requires an exclusive post! Stay tuned:)

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4 Responses to Package with presents

  1. Robert says:

    I can’t wait to see what she got for Greger.

  2. Прелесть какая! И “носочек” для телефона, и вишенки!!!

  3. Araceli says:

    The necklace is so cute. Very vibrant. I am noticing that crochet iPhone cases are really becoming popular. I really like the idea of them. But nothing beats getting one from your mom.

  4. nikskie says:

    it feels so great to get a package from your mom

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