Outdoor gym

Close to where I live, there is a new open-air gym. It’s free of charge and anyone can go there. The other day I tried out all of the machines but this one I liked the most. It’s a bit like a stair master but with no resistance at all. Combined with the sunshine, the gentle summer breeze and the sound of birds singing, this gives a sensation of walking on air.
What’s best about this gym, though, is that you can bring your dog with you on your workouts!

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4 Responses to Outdoor gym

  1. Heba says:

    open air gym and it is free of charge? how brilliant is that! ,if i were you i’d spend every morning workout .

  2. Nina says:

    There are plenty of them around here but I never tought of using them o.O

  3. Leia says:

    I wish there was one of these near where I lived! What a great concept, I would be spending a lot of time in a place like that :)

  4. Melody Zhao says:

    wow this picture is so nostalgic for me, there used to be machines like that everywhere around my house in Beijing and I took my dogs too!

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