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I’ve recently been invited to a couple of weddings. I love going to weddings, but things like these also mean some preparation. So right now I’m browsing some online stores in search for shoes and a purse (or a clutch?). Scaring Hannes with shoe porn.
However, I haven’t found the perfect accessories yet. I might have to search offline too, but I’m wondering if you have any tips for me.
What’s your favorite online store?

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17 Responses to Online stores

  1. Sephira says:

    Ugh. I have so many online stores I adore but I think asos is pretty huge when it comes to having a lot of different and interesting things. But it isn’t my fave’ I dont think I have a fave to be honest… It’s too hard to chose just one ;)

    I hope you find some nice accessories <3

    xx Seph

  2. Ilona says:

    it might sound a bit boring, but how about ebay? i had even found some pretty earrings on there for my own wedding…

  3. donnasandra says:

    H&M, and are my favourites right now. Hur kan jag ha missat din fina blogg egentligen??? :-D

  4. Rucha says:

    Mine are,, and

    Although amiclubwear only sells “clubwear” there so their dresses are short but you can wear tights if you want to underneath. But their purses and clutches and other accessories are good.

  5. Styleabaad says:

    I love Etsy – in my opinion so much easier than Ebay which can be too overwhelming!

  6. Laura says:

    I’ve bought a lot from urban outfitters when they have a sale, but their stuff isnt the best quality. I also like…..a little pricy, but very beautiful things!

    • Antonia says:

      Laura, I don’t own anything by UO, but I thought it was a good shop. But it’s something hipster about it (?), or I might be wrong of course:)

      • Laura says:

        Yes, everything is hipster about UO! Haha….I’ve bought several tops from them, shoes and hat….they havent lasted long but I was happy while I had them. I did get a bag for work that has survived for several months…:-)

  7. Lenka says:

    What exactly is shoe porn?!? :D :D

  8. Kelly says:

    Have you ever checked out It’s pretty sweet, and I think they ship to the whole EU

  9. Araceli Estrada says:

    Love Zappos for shoes. Lately I have had a lot of luck with Banana Republic for accessories. Oh, I also, and for unusual treasures.

  10. Sandy says:

    Have you ever tried Shopbop, anthropologie is good, fredflare has cute little things. Also redenvelope and overstock.

    Hope these help! I use to shop online a lot in the States..

  11. Arantxa says:

    I recommend that you take a Spanish eye on this store:

    In addition, the logo reminds me Greger;)

  12. Arantxa says:

    Sorry! That you take a eye on this Spanish store.

    Sometimes I write really bad English … Sorry!

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