One of those people

This coming weekend there’s a big music festival being held in Gothenburg called Way Out West. The lineup this year includes Bon Iver, Blur, Florence + the Machine, Kraftwerk, Hot Chip, and many others.
I won’t be able to visit the festival this year, since I’m leaving for Budapest on Thursday. However, Way Out West has already affected me. You see, it’s being held in the Castle Forest, where I often go for long walks with Greger. But when we went there today, they had already sealed off the forest in preparation for the festival.
The local newspaper reports that one in ten people in Gothenburg are annoyed with Way Out West because it means you can’t visit the Castle Forest in over a week. Greger is definitely one of those people.

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  1. mn says:

    It looks lie Greger is giving them the squinty evil eye.

  2. Ooh, Greger is not happy! You blog is lovely – both your writing and pictures – but I have to admit that what really pulls me back every time is Greger. I lost my little poodle last month after 19 years, and she looked exactly like him, but with some curly hair – with those long spidery little legs and the perfect size for snuggling:)

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