One of the world’s hardest languages

The Parliament - Budapest - Hungary

Just 24 hours left before I fly off to Budapest with Hannes! I’ve pretty much decided on what to bring, now I just have to choose the right bag. I am really excited about this trip, and I know that we will have a marvelous time there. There is just one thing that bothers me slightly, and that’s the fact that I don’t understand Hungarian.
I’m not used to being unable to understand the language when traveling abroad. Since I am fluent in Swedish, English and Russian, I can understand much of what is said and written in almost the whole of Europe. By combining the languages I know with logical reasoning and a little guesswork, I can get by just fine in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Greece and Bulgaria to name a few countries.
But, as I said, I hardly know a word of Hungarian. Because of its rich morphology and complex vowel system, Hungarian is considered by many to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. I wonder how many words and phrases I’ll be able to pick up in one week in Budapest!

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  1. MC says:

    I have been living in Budapest for 6 consecutive years…i speak swedish, english, german and greek…i can reassure you on one thing…

    “I wonder how many words and phrases I’ll be able to pick up in one week in Budapest!”


    have a great time in beloved Budapest!

  2. A.F says:

    Yes, Hungarian is considered to be a rather difficult language. The hardest aspect of the language is its grammar. For instance, their nouns can have up to 235 different forms.

    According to the FSI (Foreign Service Institute), Hungarian takes on average over 1100 hours of classes in order to be spoken at a decent level. However, it definitely depends on your situation as well and also what your native tongue is from the start.

    For more information on other difficult languages to learn see this list:

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