One more now, Lucille!

lucilleI learned today about the different parts of a guitar. It’s got a body, neck and head. Some guitarists even name their guitars and talk about them as persons.
One example is B.B. King, whose guitar was called Lucille. One night when he was playing a gig in Arkansas, two men in the crowd got into a fight, and caused a fire. Everyone, B.B. King included, got evacuated. Then he realized he had forgotten his guitar, and he ran and got it out from the burning building.
Later he found out that the two men had been fighting over a woman called Lucille, and he named his guitar after her.

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2 Responses to One more now, Lucille!

  1. jill says:

    Interesting! I have heard about this from somewhere, but I wasn’t sure whether to believe it or not. Now I know for sure, thanks:)

  2. liz says:

    Cool guitars in this picture! But I think I would prefer the one with natural wood color, based on the looks alone. I used to be really into B.B. King, but I haven’t been listening to him for many years now. All my old albums are at my parents’ place, might have to pay them a visit soon:)

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