One day in Budapest

budapest pastries and cakes swedish love affairWe left Sweden really early this morning, and arrived at our hotel in Budapest too early even to check in. In other words, even though we just arrived today, I’ve already seen and done much in Budapest.
I’ve already been in both Buda, which is on the west side of Donau, and Pest, situated east of the river. I’ve been getting some shopping done and I’ve tried some of the excellent local cuisine.
However, when I finally was in the mood for a true Budapest cake, all the cafés were closed for business. So that’s going to be my first order of business tomorrow after breakfast.

budapest pastries and cakes swedish love affair 2

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2 Responses to One day in Budapest

  1. Sephira says:

    Hope you get some cake tomorrow then :D

  2. Cinz says:

    Your photos of budapest are sooo lovely! I’ll be going to Europe – Denmark, London, and Paris this week, flying on Friday night. I cant wait!!! Hope i’ll be able to take photos as nice as yours;)


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