Once in a century

I forgot to tell you I’m spending the day in Copenhagen today! Hopefully, I’ll be back home pretty soon and with a lot of new photos to share.

By the way, have you noticed the peculiar date today? It’s 11/11/11. A once in a century thing.

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4 Responses to Once in a century

  1. Really like the blue highlights in the inner corner! And I am wearing red eye shadows today :)

  2. your mum says:

    В Москве загсы сегодня ломились от народа, люди толпились регистрировать браки, места занимали за полгода и потом отмечались в очереди. Даже в новостях передавали.

  3. J Umm says:

    how gorgeous are you?!?!

  4. Heather says:

    OMG now it’s the 12th and I didn’t even realize. If I had been on facebook, I’d notice because all my friends posted at 11:11:11 (eleven seconds past eleven minutes past eleven o clock) on 11-11-11
    Anyway, you look stunning!

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