On the train: Apple iPhone 4S vs the Lumia 800 Windows Phone by Nokia

iphone vs windows phone lumia swedish love affair

Apple iPhone 4S and the Windows Phone Lumia 800 by Nokia

I’m on the train now, on my way back home from Stockholm. I’ve practically been away from home since before Christmas. It’ll be nice to unpack my bags and settle in again.

Here you see our phones. I like how they’re sort of rivals – Hannes’ masculine, black Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone versus my cute white Apple iPhone 4S. Both of them are great when you’re on the go. For instance, this post wouldn’t have been possible without my precious iPhone.

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5 Responses to On the train: Apple iPhone 4S vs the Lumia 800 Windows Phone by Nokia

  1. Nina says:

    They look nice together. I’m pretty happy with the mobile technology today =)

  2. nikskie says:

    i’m such a technology-dork. iPhone and blackberry are so happening right now. but i’m still stick to my old sonny-ericksson that i’ve been had since 2008. i usually don’t replace electronic stuffs before they really really broken or cannot function anymore. Hannes’s phone looks so cool. i’m not sure if that nokia series available here in indonesia

    • Antonia says:

      Nokia has always been pretty big here in Sweden, except for the last few years, when they’ve been run over by Apple and Android phones. They’ve started a close collaboration with Microsoft and are hoping to regain they’re leading position once more. It’s a tough market, but Hannes likes his new phone very much, which means that they must be doing something right :)

      • nikskie says:

        nokia was really big too in indonesia, especially when the phone cell era hit for the first time. but after few years, sonny-ericksson took over nokia’s domination. it’s still good in the country though, but after blackberry and iPhone, the others are minor.can’t blame Hannes on that :-)

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