Ninfeo Mio

Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal

Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal

My favorite perfume right now (along with this one) is Ninfeo Mio developed by perfumer  Isabelle Doyen for Annick Goutal . Fig leaf, lemon tree wood, lavender, dried pale flowers, green pepper, bergamot, bitter orange..
I have two bottles of it, and that says a lot, doesn’t it?

Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal

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6 Responses to Ninfeo Mio

  1. Lisa says:

    The scent sounds lovely, and those bottles are so pretty, too! I would love to try this out, but I don’t know anyplace that has it..

  2. jill says:

    I don’t think I ever bought two of the same perfume at once:) This must really be your scent! I want to have a whiff, wish they would add a smell function to the internet lol

  3. Sasha says:

    mne eshe ponravilsja Neroli, apel’sinovye noty..
    Kstati, ja vse bol’she v vostorge ot aromata ot L’Occitane.
    no moj favorit vseh vremen, kotoryj v Norvegii ne prodaetsja, da i v Rossii tozhe trudno najti, eto Mauboussin M Moi

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