Niche or selective perfumery, intro

niche perfumery selective trastevere rome roma shop store swedish love affairAs I’ve said before, I only buy niche perfumes. Once you discover the world of selective fragrances there’s no way back to regular high-end scents. The world of niche perfumery is wide and complex, and it takes time to study it and learn to appreciate it. At the same time is limited and restrained. The manufacturers are few, and you won’t find any ads with glamorous celebrities and models promoting niche perfumes. They are much more expensive than regular perfumes, being composed of unique and extra pure ingredients. These fragrances are usually made by talented perfumers tired of the conformist selection of perfumes presented on the market.

Everything can’t be written in one blog post, but I will proceed this subject later on. What I can say now is that today’s Dior, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, D&G, YSL and other designer scents are not in the same league as exclusive perfumes – it’s not even the same sport. Just a waste of money.
Some of my favorite selective lines are Annick Goutal, Diptyque and the Swedish Byredo.

niche perfumery selective trastevere rome roma shop store serge lutens la rose miel de bois swedish love affair

niche perfumery selective liberty london le labo new york swedish love affairniche perfumery selective liberty london le labo new york swedish love affair

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13 Responses to Niche or selective perfumery, intro

  1. jill says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post ever since you hinted that you were going to explain what niche perfumes are all about. I had no clue about this subject before reading this, but you managed to spark my interest and I’ve been doing some further research online. And the more I learn, the more I want to know about this, and I’ve already decided that I have to try this out. Of course I will sensibly wait and see what I think of this myself, but I already feel you may have converted me into a niche-perfumista! I don’t know of any store that sells these perfumes, but I’ve made it my mission to find one as soon as possible, preferably today =) I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one that you mentioned here – the one I’m hoping for most is the Swedish Byredo.
    Thank you so much for a very interesting and informative post! I love how you learn new things by reading your blog!

  2. Katie L says:

    I’ve heard about niche perfumes before, but I didn’t really find any information explaining what it actually is in simple terms. I’m so glad you’ve managed to write about it so simply, so that even I get it. Why they are better. I don’t know if I’m mature enough for this, but I definitely want to learn more. Please write more! I know I can google it – and I will – but I like your way better!

  3. Amy says:

    It must be in the air- I spent last evening visiting a couple of websites that offer decants/samples of these perfumes. One of the most interesting sites I found was They offer decants (with various sample sizes) of Annick Goutal, Diptyque, and Byredo, but they have only select fragrances from each line. They are listed alphabetically under Decants. I haven’t ordered from their site before but come highly recommended, so I’m thinking about ordering a few to try. Any recommendations?

    • Antonia says:

      I haven’t seen this site before, but to be honest I got stuck there for a while! Well, obviously, I have to be very careful with my recommendations in case you’d decide to follow them=) I remember trying (and liking) L’Artisan Mimosa poir moi (seriously thinking of ordering it now, actually) and Diptyque Ofresia. I like mono-scents for spring. But that’s just me=) How old are you, Amy? I think choosing a fragrance has a lot to do with your age, your look and your colors.

      • Amy says:

        Thank you for the recommendations Antonia- I know it’s difficult because fragrances smell so differently on every single person, and sometimes even from one year to the next! I ordered a number of samples today from theposhpeasant, and another site I found, luckyscent. I’m 37, but I tend to favor younger, lighter fragrances. Most perfumes smell synthetic to me (that somewhat generic perfume smell) and tend to give me headaches, so I’m always in search of nice, light fragrances that do not. I’ve never tried a niche, so this should be fun. By the way, have you tried Byredo Pulp? I ordered a sample…

        • Antonia says:

          I hear about Pulp by Byredo all the time, so I had to try it too. I remember it as really juicy ripe fruits. Apples, figs. But I think it’s not just sweet. Also, many of Byredo scents are listed as unisex, but really, I think this one fits better on a woman. It’s fairly new, too.
          I’m not the best at describing scents, you should probably google it and read something written by a pro=) Though, I’d love you to tell me what you think when you get your order=)

  4. Natalia says:

    Антония, добрый вечер,
    меня зовут Наташа, ничего, если я на “ты” – мы примерно в одинаковой возрастной категории”;)
    этот блог нашла через luxury_makeup; по мотивам постов у меня вопрос – вот ту же нишевую парфюмерию ты где покупаешь – неужели в Лунде или Мальмо есть места? Дело в том, что я в Лунде прожила два года, до сих пор бываю наездами, но ничего подобного найти там так и не смогла, поэтому буду благодарна за наводку.

    • Antonia says:

      Привет, Наташа! Я привыкла на “ты”, а на “Вы” меня почти никто никогда не называл=)
      Нет, в Лунде и Малмё, конечно, нет. Ну, в Мальмё, может и есть, но я там не искала. Есть в Гетеборге, откуда я – но я покупаю в поездках. Фотографии к этому посту сделаны в Риме и Лондоне.
      А ты где живешь? И какими духами пользуешься?=)))

      • Natalia says:

        В духах я – аскет, у меня обычно пара Serge Lutens  (всегда chypre rouge и чего-нибудь еще) и всё, покупаю обычно тоже в поездках, но я вообще к шведскому косметическому шоппингу никак не могу привыкнуть – после всяких золотых карт с 15-20% на всё киксовские купоны на 25 крон – ну просто обнять и плакать;)
        а да, живу я в глухой деревне в Kalmar län, так что о селективах мне тут на местности не с кем поговорить:)

        • Antonia says:

          У меня никогда не было карт с такими скидками, но кикс все равно не люблю. Толковых консультантов мне там никогда не попадалось, а все самое последнее мы, по-моему, и получаем последними=)

  5. Маргарита says:

    Антония, здравствуйте! Я живу в Украине и понимаю, что здесь тяжело найти селективную парфюмерию…Хочу заказывать через интернет…возможно вы знаете какие-либо полезные сайты…И за сколько приблизительно вы покупаете тот или иной флакончик в Швеции? Спасибо..

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