Newborn Johannes, first eleven days baby photography. Very picture heavy!

He definitely loves me to read aloud for him, which I do every night. But then again, he falls asleep easily...

I get a lot of emails with questions about Johannes, about his eating habits and what he wears, what he likes and what he doesn’t like, about my ways with him and a lot more. Some day soon I’ll try to write all these things down and make a separate post.
Today, however, I’m posting some photos from his first days.

Johannes, 2 days old, born one week too early:

3 days old, swaddled (I used to swaddle him a lot, and still do sometimes):

5 days old (you can see more here and here):

6 days old, first day at home (you can see more in this post):

7 days old:

10 days old:

11 days old:

What a big difference in just two months if you compare these photos to the ones in the previous post!

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9 Responses to Newborn Johannes, first eleven days baby photography. Very picture heavy!

  1. He is beautiful! I love all of his knit hats. Congratulations! xx

  2. Julia says:

    i can hardly handle all this cuteness! he’s gorgeous.

  3. Anaïs says:

    Why hello, he’s got a nice collection of hats already 😀

  4. Oh wow! These are so cute! You can’t help but smile.

  5. Katerina says:

    Такой чудесный милый малыш))) очень очень за тебя рада)))

  6. Katrusya says:

    С тех пор парень подрос и окончательно утвердился в желании быть похожим на папу! 😉

  7. Madeleine says:

    Vilka otroligt söta bilder. Har inte varit och läst här på evigheter, så blev så förvånad när jag såg en söt bebis på bilderna. Grattis till nytillskottet!

  8. janerowena says:

    He has the most amazing wardrobe of hats! My children used to rip them off as they got bigger – I remember not noticing once as my son threw his – my favourite – from his pushchair. I went back to look for it, and found it in the middle of the road where it had been run over many times by traffic and was all dirty and greasy.

  9. vivianm says:

    He is really adorable and it’s amazing how quickly you lost your baby weight. I remember when my 3 boys were babies, I could stare at them for hours. All of your baby pictures are amazing and beautiful. Best wishes. Viv

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