New things

mavala nail kit hardener swedish love affairI bought a nail kit from Mavala yesterday , which has everything in it! Also, a very reasonable price compared to buying every item individually. I will probably be making a review of this kit soon.

And I also bought some St. Dalfour fruit jam (100% Fruit Spreads, no sugar added!) in tiny tiny glass jars! So adorable. The thing is that I love chèvre and I always have some at home. And I eat it topped with jam, preferably fig jam.

mavala nail kit hardener swedish love affair cuticle removerSt. Dalfour fruit jam tiny small jars swedish love affair

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9 Responses to New things

  1. Georgia says:

    Whoah! That’s a lot of nail stuff! Looking forward to a review.
    and what’s chevre?…

  2. cupcake says:

    Wow, you are officially the product review lady!! Fig jam sounds delicious!

  3. Georgia says:

    Those jams look so cute! and a little French!

  4. Heathre says:

    I agree! Those jams are adorable! I was in World Market and saw that they carry Tabasco sauce in the little bottles… so cute!

  5. Nicki says:

    Those jams are the best ever. My local grocery store quit carrying them for some odd reason. I have only two jars left and then I am going to have to go on-line or jamless. I don’t ever plan to eat any other brands of jams in the future!

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