New family member

A gray Medium Poodle in what I think is Scandinavian clip

A gray Medium Poodle in what I think is Scandinavian clip

Today I have some happy news to share with you! Yet again, we have a new addition to our family. Please meet our new family member, this adorable gray poodle!
This is probably the cutest poodle I’ve ever seen! We haven’t decided on a name for him yet, but here are the ones we’re considering: Titus, Raphael, Balder, Tiger and Jupiter. My first choice is Titus and my second is Jupiter, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what suits him best.

This is a highly intelligent dog, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know him. And of course, I hope that he and Greger are going to get along well, too!

Hope you all had a great weekend (ours has been pretty slow, as both Johannes and I have managed to catch a cold!..), and I will keep you updated!

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3 Responses to New family member

  1. Tawni says:

    It took me two weeks to name my kittens! Sometimes, you know right on the spot, other times it is just so hard think of something fitting. My parents have a standard poodle and they are so intelligent! So cute!

  2. Tawni says:

    OH! Also, Titus and Jupiter are really cute names!

  3. Katerina says:

    Такой красавец! У нас тоже пудель, только девочка) А вы поправляйтесь скорее!!!

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