My latest thrift store finds, part 1. Odd china.

I’ve mentioned before that every now and then I enjoy visiting thrift stores and garage sales. One of the things I always look for is nice china. I think using odd china pieces at home is more special than using regular china sets, and it gives a home a personal touch.
Of course, I like my sets too! This one is my favorite.

Here you can see some Bavarian porcelain pieces and some ceramic pieces by the Swedish brand Höganäs.

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3 Responses to My latest thrift store finds, part 1. Odd china.

  1. T says:

    Very nice finds indeed! and you show them off very beautifully, I really like these photos 🙂 Looking forward to pt 2!

  2. Jenna says:

    So cute little things! I love the Action News car and the cups 🙂

  3. Chiara says:

    I love Höganäs (i don’t have my own appartment yet, but i have a whole load of coffee en tea cups, a tea pot and plates waiting for when i do) and i love loppis too! There’s always something nice to find for a little price 😀

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