My grandma

My grandma has recently returned home from her vacation on the Azores. She brought presents and thousands of photos, and I chose a couple for posting here.

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6 Responses to My grandma

  1. Robert says:

    A beautiful young lady. I seen the resemblance in her granddaughter.

  2. Leia says:

    You two look very much alike!

  3. janerowena says:

    I agree – I came on to say how much you resemble her. How lovely to know that you will be as attractive as she is, when you are older.

  4. Lidia says:

    She looks lovely! Beautiful lady.

  5. Arantxa says:

    Have a very young grandmother! I hope she has enjoyed her trip :)

  6. You have a beautiful grandma, and i hope she liked Açores. Lovely landscape with nature at it’s best :)

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