My dog digested my homework

On Mondays I only have class in the morning, so you could say this week’s first work day is already over.
I’ll be spending another hour at school, though. A professor of economics is giving a lunch lecture about the Euro crisis, which I will be attending. Afterwards I’ll be going for a long walk with Greger. It’s a good way to digest all the information you get after a day at the University.
Greger knows what I mean, since he sometimes visits me in school.

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4 Responses to My dog digested my homework

  1. jill says:

    The Euro crisis and the deficit crisis in the states are really scary! Hope you got some good insight.
    I love the post about Greger in school, one of my favorites ever :)

  2. grymt snygg blogg. kommer absolut följa din blogg och jag följer inte många :)

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