My cleansing routine

cleansers dermalogica dior boots botanics clarins swedish love affairSome of the cleansers on my bathroom shelf at the moment.

- Moisturizing deep clean foam by Boots Botanics (love it!)
- Rinse-off cleansing foam by Dior. Not recommending this one unless you like soap cleansers and that squeaky-clean feeling on your face.
- Cleansing milk by Clarins. This is a gigantic bottle of it, normally it’s comes in a smaller one. I use this milk in the morning, because it doesn’t foam (and I don’t like the foaming ones in the morning, eh..)
- Daily Microfoliant by Dermalogica. Another bottle of this miracle product is coming to an end. It’s a great exfoliant.

I also use make-up dissolving oils in my cleansing routine, I just couldn’t find any of them for the photo.

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3 Responses to My cleansing routine

  1. jill says:

    I love having a peek inside people’s bathroom cabinets (I know, I’m horrible!). Yours looks very respectable and well maintained=)
    Have a great day!

  2. Paulina V says:

    Antonia, I bought that Dermalogica exfoliant after your first post about it (God, it was expensive!) and I’m addicted now! My skin has never looked this good before I started using it. No pimples, no dry patches, just glowing skin. I wish you gave more skincare advices!

  3. vonskareng says:

    åå Dior..Dior. bara jag som älskar deras namn? haha :D du har väldgt mycket att välja på där! ^^

    ja, alltså just nu håller jag tummarna för att metrobloggen ordnar så att bloggen kmr gå att flytta. (är otroligt irriterad!!!!) jag håller reda på vilka som senast lämnat kommentarer men din blogg läser jag i vart fall så det spelar ju ingen roll egentligen! ;) och jag kommer självfallet medd. den nya addressen på bloggen! :D

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