My Christmas presents and ornaments

I told you about my new strategy when it comes to shopping for Christmas ornaments. Here are some of the things I bought. I really like the owls! I know Christmas is over and everything, but these are so pretty.

And these look like pumpkins! They’re pretty large, maybe the size of a tea cup.

Here are some of the smaller presents I got for Christmas. I’ll show you more as soon as I get my apartment in order, so I can find all the stuff.

This is a heart-shaped pin cushion I made yesterday. Good for any sewing kit!

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3 Responses to My Christmas presents and ornaments

  1. Vera V. says:

    The owls are really cute!! I adore owls and I’m happy that it’s a kind of trend now. the pumpkins are great too!

  2. Nicki says:

    I love that flower/sunburst ornament; so pretty. I buy everything at after-Christmas sales too. I don’t know if you would be comfortable doing this, but I would be interested in seeing pictures of your apartment, how you fix it up (you have good taste in everything else so I would think your apartment would be very attractive), what the baby’s room looks like, etc. I’ll never be able to travel to Sweden and it would be fun to see an actual Swedish home. Thank you for considering this.

  3. Cinz says:

    Love your nail color! and gosh, you’re really crafy:D This pregnancy looks good so far;)

    and i love the pumpkin and owl x’mas ornaments, so cute! I should defo look for after post xmas ornaments too this year for some good deals:)


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