Mother’s milk

Johannes is four months old now, and I’m making this post hoping to answer the many questions I’m receiving regarding Johannes’ eating habits.
The answer is simple, Johannes is entirely breastfed. Mother’s milk is not only the traditional baby food, but it’s also the best imaginable food for an infant, because it gives him protection for the rest of his life. It’s very convenient, too, since Johannes can eat whenever he likes and as much as he likes, and there’s always the perfect amount of food to meet his needs. He eats a lot during the day and once in his sleep at night (he eats without waking up, imagine that!).

I’m not the first one to state this, but breastfeeding is great for everything: the child, the mother, society and the environment, but most of all it’s amazing for the emotional bond it provides.

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4 Responses to Mother’s milk

  1. LeahSephira says:

    I love the top photo. Beautiful! Also it’s a cute pram you’ve got with the flowers and all :D

  2. julia says:

    you are so lucky that you’re able to breastfeed. i have very little milk and my baby is mainly formula fed (i pump my milk). i wish i would be able to breastfeed and i tried multiple stategies with my midwife. we think this is due to my small thyorid gland. so what i try to say is i think it is the minority of mothers that formula feed that just don’t like the idea of breast feeding. the majority is well aware of the pros of breast feeding, but what do you do if it just doesn’t work out. so you are really blessed and i am very happy for you : )

  3. Julie says:

    I wish you would also mention the cons if any and not the just the obvious/beautiful part. I have heard it is very hard to breastfeed.. sometimes the babies just dont latch on, or its painful or its not perfect for working mothers who have to stop breastfeeding in x months and need to wean of the baby earlier… and a milion other problems. Did you face any ? Or was it perfect from day 1 ?

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