Moral support

Hannes had to stay up really late last night to finish a report. When I went to check on him, this is how I found him. Greger is clearly doing his best to help keep the morale high, although he doesn’t look very enthusiastic to me.

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6 Responses to Moral support

  1. Araceli says:

    Too cute! I think he is being supportive in his own cute dog way =)

  2. jill says:

    naaw he’s such a trooper :)

  3. Грегер просто очаровательный!
    Я уверена, что ты уже писала, но не могу найти – какой он породы? Я бы завела такого!

  4. И, конечно же, я тут же нашла, какой он породы! :)

  5. mn says:

    This is the best picture ever! When I have to work late my cat sits on the floor and gives me the evil eye for keeping him up.

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